I get asked this often and it is challenging to put it into words because quite honestly, I am better with my camera then I am with words. But let me try!

Boudoir is more than just beautiful pictures. To me, boudoir is the start of loving yourself. It is about gaining confidence and appreciation for your body. It is about being pampered and getting glammed up to feel like a super model while laughing your butt off at my crazy dance moves and corny jokes during your shoot. It is about the TRANSFORMATION that takes place before and after your shoot. It is about going out of your comfort zone and being totally vulnerable and then that feeling of accomplishment and confidence that comes after your shoot.

I believe in showing each and every woman their true beauty. I want to break down the deep-rooted belief that something is “wrong” with your body just because your body doesn’t match the images displayed so prominently in social media as “the perfect body”. I want to change the way you view yourself because someone at onetime made you feel less than beautiful. You are not too short, to tall, too curvy, too skinny or too dimply….we come in all shapes and sizes and we need to embrace that! I believe EVERY BODY is beautiful and Boudoir is for everybody!

I am on a mission to empower women to feel sexy, confident and beautiful in their own skin! You are WORTHY of that feeling!

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The transformation that takes place in the studio is magical! I am not only talking about the physical transformation of getting getting glammed up, I am talking about the mental transformation that takes place after your boudoir session!

I see it in every single session… Most women walk in and I can tell they are a little (or a lot!) nervous. Typically, once she settles into the hair and makeup chair, the nerves start to fade and she begins to embrace the experience. After hair and makeup is complete its is time to slip into her first outfit and whoaaaa the nerves begin to creep back in. But as we begin the shoot, I show her the first couple of shots on the back of the camera and I see the look of relief… “Wow, is that me? That’s not me!” they say in disbelief as they look at the supermodel on the back of my camera.  I love this moment of showing you the camera and you realizing that all the nerves you had were for nothing! You begin to relax, have fun and that confidence begins to show!

By the time we finish the shoot you will feel like we are old friends! Each and every session is a mixture of being pampered and having fun while creating amazing pictures that you will treasure. You walk out with a smile and a sense of accomplishment for having done something that scared you, but you did it anyway! And guess what? You realize the experience was amazing and it was more than just art and pretty pictures, it was transformative!

In the end, no matter the initial reason for doing a boudoir shoot, nothing will ever compare to what an incredible journey of self-love this ends up being for you!


Northern Virginia Maternity Photographer, DC Boudoir Photographer Northern Virginia Maternity Photographer, DC Boudoir Photographer



The reason is simple…because over the course of a woman’s life we are engrained with input and images on what makes a woman beautiful. For me, when I was younger it was a boy telling me point blank that I wasn’t pretty is so many words. Those words  haunted me every time I looked in the mirror for years. Even on the days that I felt pretty, I thought it must not be true. Now with the emergence of social media as part of our everyday life, unrealistic body image expectations are front and center. We compare ourselves to the filtered images we see all over Instagram and Tiktok and think why can’t my body look like that. This causes so many of us women to create a negative relationship with our bodies instead of appreciating it. A boudoir experience can truly help transform that relationship with your body. I want each and every one of my clients to know they are beautiful strong women deserving of only the best!

In short…here are reasons that make me LOVE shooting boudoir:

Empowering women!! 

Boudoir shoots are truly help empower women to feel good in their own skin. As a photographer and someone who has always deemed herself a “helper” it makes me feel good to help women see themselves differently.

I get to meet new people

I have always been the person that couldn’t sit still. Desk jobs truly are not for me. I love talking to people and getting to know their story, their life journey and what ultimately landed them in my studio. Hair and Makeup on the day of the shoot is truly one of my favorite parts because I get to sit there and really get to know you. By the time you step in front of the camera, we already feel like friends!

The Energy!

Seriously…where else can someone go to get glammed up, listen to music, do something they were scared to do and then walk out feeling like the baddest woman alive? The ENERGY during your shoot and the AFTER EFFECTS that you feel fill my heart with so much joy!  I feel blessed that I get to feel this energy and share in this journey with each and every one of you!

Northern Virginia Boudoir Photographer, DC Boudoir Photographer

April 27, 2022



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