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I initially wanted to do a shoot for my anniversary but ultimately it was for ME! I was so nervous because I was the heaviest I had been and I was uncomfortable in my body but Y’ALL!!!! Beth made me feel PHENOMENAL! Every time I’m feeling down I look at my pictures to remind myself that I am a strong, beautiful woman!

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I had seen boudoir pictures for years and always thought it would be so fun to do, but being overweight I was too self conscious to even reach out to a photographer. Upon speaking Beth she made me feel so comfortable that I felt like I could do it. The day of the shoot my nerves were back, but soon as I walked through her front door I was immediately at ease. The session was amazing and when I finally got my photos I was so impressed. On days when I don't feel the best about myself I pull out my album and remind myself who I am and can't nobody tell me ****!

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After my session with Beth I felt liberated. Lemme say that again- LIBERATED. Contrary to popular belief, I did this for me and me only. Sure I shared the pictures, but this was for MY self image, my confidence, my acceptance of myself. Women do not indulge enough in just feeling sexy, feminine and beautiful. We are wired to put others first and every bit of this was just for me. When I saw my pictures I was stunned. I can’t believe that’s ME! The lighting, the angles, the poses were all flattering. I marvel over and over that that is me in those pictures.

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